White Lion Public House, High Street, Chatteris.Part of Stuart Stacey Collection

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  • the spade and becckett was run by chris johnsons father who kept the white lion he also kept the cock 10 london road until the new cock was open

    By gander (19/11/2017)
  • Was the black barn that\’s behind the current shops part of the pub or something else?

    By Simon May (13/08/2017)
  • Not entirely sure about the barn Simon. Perhaps viewers of this website might know the answer and make a comment?

    By jsmith (14/08/2017)
  • when i was aboy an old man named frank fish kept the white lion and his disabeld son who was called fred used to take pigs to the markets in a pony pig float they kept the white lion before chris &mary johnson

    By clifford munns (15/08/2016)
  • Hello Bill. I was actually born in the White Lion in 1965!! I have many, many happy memories there with family and regulars to the Pub. I believe they ran it for around thirty years but I will check dates with my Mum and add them later. I have a couple of photos from Gran & Granddad’s retirement so could add them if they are of interest.


    By Jane West (08/07/2015)
  • Yes, Jane, please upload Gran & Granddad’s retirement photos, I’m sure there are still many of the ‘regulars’ still around who will remember them. I note Stuart put no date on this photo but it does look closed and perhaps you could check with Mum the date of their retirement and you can add that with the upload.

    Bill C

    By Bill Cooke (08/07/2015)
  • Chris Johnson was my granddad and he ran the pub with his wife,my gran, Mary. When they retired someone else did run it for a while but not that long

    By jane west (06/07/2015)
  • Thank you for your comment, Jane. Any idea of the period Granddad ran the pub? We have record of a Charles Bland there around 1916 so have you memories of Granddad and the White Lion in your childhood or did he just speak of it in his past for instance?
    Bill C

    By Bill Cooke (08/07/2015)
  • Did this pub used to be called spade and Beckett,
    High St. Chatteris, run by a Mrs Buddle?

    By John swain (14/04/2015)
  • Not as far as we know, John (unless you know otherwise). The Spade and Beckett was at what is now the Gallery Kitchen showroom at 104 High St and was renamed The Uppin Arms between times. The only record of a former S & B was on the opposite side of the High St to 104 but this was burnt down and the S & B moved across to what was the Silver Jubilee. See also on this site.

    By Bill Cooke (15/04/2015)
  • The arch shape centre frontage was conserved when the front was rebuilt forward to form 3 shop fronts in Jan 2006. The then ‘DIY Centre’ closed down in Dec 2014.

    By BC (09/01/2015)

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