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  • As I stated, he retired as secretary to the Doddington Horticultural Society, in July 1980, having held the position since 1968. The photo is taken at the British Legion Hall, Doddington.

    By D Edwards (15/11/2014)
  • Even more thanks! Sorry! Must apologise I missed the “1980” bit in my enthusiasm over the names. Pinning down these dates does help in placing some of the other photos in the collection.

    By bill cooke (16/11/2014)
  • This Is Doddington Horticultural Show July 1980. Mrs Ellington, as treasurer of the society, is presenting a gift to Frank Payne, who is retiring after 12 years as the society’s secretary.

    By D Edwards (15/11/2014)
  • Thank you for those details. Very helpful, but any idea when Mr Payne retired and would there have been a hall or somewhere that this presentation was made in Doddington?

    By bill cooke (15/11/2014)
  • The prize is being presented to Mrs Emma Ellington, by Mr Frank Payne, both of Doddington, which suggests that it might be Doddington Flower Show.

    By C Rickwood (04/11/2014)
  • Thanks for the information and interest in the archive.

    By Bill Haggata (05/11/2014)

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