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  • Certainly Burnsfield Estate. I lived Burnsfield street, leading down to the estate. Donny Overall lived on the estate and if you bothered him it would be a huge mistake. Bonfire in middle of grass on November 5th. I delivered meat on Saturdays (Scotney’s butchers) 1960-62. Also note two British Boxing champions – late 1930’s Eric Boon (his Mum lived in Burnsfield Street, opposite my house). And Dave ‘Boy’ Green from the estate, around 1980(?).

    By Roger Munns (25/04/2016)
  • Burnsfield Estate, route to Burnsfield School, around there lived familys Johnson,Furniss, Hall, Joyce, Black Tom, Miller, does any one remember Black Tom, or Jack Elmore the grocer at the top of the street?

    By hammond (29/02/2016)
  • Wenny Estate nice area – lots friendly people- near woodland fields.Which posh area of Chatteris do you live in “Stormy”

    By edwin (22/08/2015)
  • that’s Burnsflied alright, I had to run that gauntlet many times to get to school. The only place worse was Fairway or Wenny.

    By stormy (31/07/2015)

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