Harry Peel's Fish shop

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  • I remember Audrey having a hairdressers in the High Sreet during the 60’s and 70’s. My mum informs me it was next door to the fish shop.

    By Linda Ashley (20/03/2016)
  • Mr lawes has said the works was where Ravenscroft is now which is not on the same side of the road as Wools.

    By jsmith (19/01/2016)
  • on a photo titled Harry Peels fish shop it says that Carley’s yard was where linds ell’s walk is now that is not correect Charlie Coles engineering works was there Carley’s yard was roughly where Ravenscroft is now further down the high street

    By james lawes (11/01/2016)
  • Yes, sorry about that error, James, realise now that the sign to the works on another old small photo the “Charles” was read as “Carley” in error. Have added a correcting note to the text. Thank you, but can you confirm for me please if Carley’s was next door to Wools or opposite?

    By Bill Cooke (18/01/2016)

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