The Manor House, Wenny Rd. Stuart Stacey Collection

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  • This is the Manor house. It used to belong to Charles Joyce. There are 3 houses built in the grounds, now Manor gardens.

    By Jane Carter (03/12/2016)
  • Yes! I was thinking the new Manor House Garden buildings were built on the site of the demolished Manor House but they are in the old Manor farm site and the Manor House is still there! Sorry!

    By bill cooke (13/09/2015)
  • This is the Manor House on Wenny Rd. If you search on this website putting in the words “Wenny Rd” two more pictures come up of this house confirming it is the Manor House.

    By jsmith (12/09/2015)
  • This house is not the Shrubbery. I think it is a house that is still up and is down Wenny road opposite the Cromwell School

    By Andrew Weedon (06/09/2015)
  • Think you are probably right about the Shrubbery since that had dormer windows and a more ornate roof-line to the side walls. Not sure if Stuart named the house as such on the back of his photo?

    Can’t place the Wenny road one you mention, unless you mean the Manor House, which hasn’t as many windows.

    Anyone any ideas please?

    By Bill Cooke (07/09/2015)

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