Dave "Boy" Green joins Chatteris youth at play. Photo uploaded for Mrs Watkinson at Chatteris ccan "At home" presentation.

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  • Hi Bill.

    It could be Paul Cornell (I think that’s correct spelling) next to me, although I was unsure if that lad was Martin Johnson.
    I think that the lad in the dark top hanging from the rope is Lee Miller.
    Can’t recall any of the others though, sorry.

    By Tony Edgley (30/11/2015)
  • Thanks for replying, Tony, the lad in the dark shirt swinging on the line does resemble, perhaps, Martin Johnson in another photo so we will leave things open on that. Maybe he will look in?

    By Bill Cooke (30/11/2015)
  • Andrew watkinson standing up on far left and that’s me (Tony Edgley) squatting next to him.

    By Tony Edgley (26/11/2015)
  • Thank you for that, Tony, wold you know which lad is ‘Paul’ and his surname perhaps?

    By Bill Cooke (29/11/2015)

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