Cromwell School prefects with Mr Llewellyn

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  • Yes Bill, the very same person from the record shop. Give me a couple of days and I will find any pictures of the record shop I can. I am pretty sure there are pictures around of both locations we occupied. Paul

    By Psul Harlock (15/01/2017)
  • Bill

    Tony was indeed my dad, unfortunately we lost him nearly two years ago. He would have loved to help! His good friend David Mott would know lots of names and was also heavily involved with Chatteris Town FC, I will ask David if he wants to help. I have seen quite a few pictures (some with me in) that I could name most people in. Should I submit comments or let you know which pictures they are on the first instance? Paul

    By Paul Harlock (15/01/2017)
  • Thank you for the swift response, Paul. Please do use the comments facility to add names to the photos (including yourself) and I/we will add the tags and whatever changes to the necessary on line text.

    BTW would you be of the High Street record shop by any chance? If so, have you any historic photos?

    By Bill Cooke (15/01/2017)
  • Bottom tow third in is Maurice Dawson, second from the right is Tony Harlock

    By Paul Harlock (14/01/2017)
  • Hi Paul. Thank you for your interest and comment on the ccan photo. Would Tony be your Dad? If so, Is he still with us and, if so, we have a school list with initials and surnames only would he by any chance remember their Christian names if I emailed you a list.
    Bill Cooke

    By Bill Cooke (14/01/2017)

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