Chic Boutique, Bonnetts Bakery & Gowlers Ironmogers in High Street, Chatteris-Stuart Stacey Collection

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  • Believe Chic Boutique were in No.38 before 1990 when Dimension Record shop was there (later Sally Ann’s charity shop). In which case the ironmonger shop to the right of the photo was Keith’s DIY Centre. Gowler’s not opening there till late nineties or early 2000s. Keith then moved opposite as the DIY Centre and this closed (under different management) 2014. Gowler’s closing 2010 and the interior was gutted and became a ‘mini-mall’ holding the current (2015) Cakes from Parris, Café Gustosi and Selby and Taylor opticians.

    Anyone confirm these dates or remember Keith’s name?

    By BC (22/01/2015)

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