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  • A couple of errors in our biography kindly sent be a relative.

    “In 1891 he was living with his grandmother Sarah Woodbine and mother Agnes in Doddington.”
    Although Sarah was his grandmother, Agnes was his aunt. His mother was Charlotte Woodbine (née Ellington), who passed away shortly after his sister was born.
    In 1891 Fred and Louisa were living with their father Edward (widowed by this point), his mother Sarah and his sister Agnes and brother Gabriel.

    – By 1901 Fred, his mother and his sister Louisa had moved to Chatteris and were living with Fred’s Auntie, Frances Boulton.
    Francis Boulton was Fred’s uncle (by marriage). Francis’ wife Sarah Jane Boulton (née Woodbine) and Agnes Woodbine were Fred’s aunts.

    By Chatteris Remembers (16/05/2014)

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